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Christmas ...... Finally!!

Timothy Sullivan - Sunday, December 23, 2012

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Well, it’s the night before the night before Christmas and most of the candles are delivered and some even lighted. What a year…everything started late but the orders kept coming and coming and thanks to extra help I was able to fill all of them. Way over 3500 fragrance candles left the Studio between Thanksgiving and tonight.

Christmas Candles

I am so thankful but also very pleased that a great deal of the orders came from current clients who “upped” their quantities because of demand. And, most wanted our, by now, fabled Christmas Gardenia…a fragrance we developed from two of our reliable standards…Perfect Gardenia and Blue Pine. Both of these fragrances were developed over the years…it took almost five years to get the Gardenia perfect! So I named it Perfect Gardenia.

Christmas Scented Candles

The Blue Pine was another variation on a fragrance made popular by Jacqueline Kennedy. She burned a green cypress fragrance she discovered in France. After she began living in New York and entertaining in her Fifth Avenue coop in the late 60’s…everyone who was invited there HAD to have it too!

Holiday Candle

Two classics combined into a single fragrance that changes the atmosphere and makes us think of the Holidays and lovingly remember Christmas past as well.

Enjoy Holidays

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