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Preparing A Private Label Order

Timothy Sullivan - Tuesday, April 27, 2010

packing candlesHere are some pictures we took last week which show what it looks like in the shop when we are packing up a big order. wrapping candlesThis was an order for the 50th anniversary of a major American company with shops around the country. The owners were throwing a huge party for their family, friends and employees and felt that a Timothy Jay Candle would be the perfect "take home" gift for everyone. As it was a golden anniversary, we went with a golden theme with black accents. We used the Black Orchid fragrance in beautiful golden glass.making fragrance candle These were wrapped in gold tissue paper and then packed in black sisal in these fabulous boxes we created using a very unique textured gold paper. The boxes in black and gold were then finished with a hand tied black grosgrain ribbon, before being carefully wrapped in protective plastic bags and boxed for shipping.Ship a CandleYou can see from the pictures how much attention we pay to making sure every candle is perfect and that creating a Timothy Jay Private Label candle is something we take great care and pride in. I hear they went down extremely well at the party!! If you would like to speak to me about creating a candle for an event you are planning, please call me on 323 656 6977 or email me at tims@timothyjaycandles.com with your details.

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