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Our History: How It All Began

September, 1997. The first Timothy Jay candle was born in a double boiler in my kitchen in West Hollywood. It was not a success. More like a catastrophe, it was followed by hundreds of other failed attempts. But I became obsessed with getting it right. Using a classic French candle as a model and the same double boiler (now “broken-in”), I slowly started to learn and appreciate the finer points on the art.

My first success, CELADON, was presented to friends for testing. When the reviews came back, all of them raves, I realized I was on to something. Next came BLACK ORCHID, the first black candle, followed by CHAMOIS, the first fragrance candle blended specifically for men.

From those first successful batches in 1997 until now, each candle has been made the same way. With care, by hand. When we moved to the Studio on Harper in 1998, I traded in the double boiler for a large, professional “melter.” I also found people like my “right hand,” Marieno Iorieo, who has become a master candle maker himself.

Double Boiler

Almost immediately, we started the Private Label Program for smaller, select companies who wanted candles that are truly exclusive and unique and carry their Company logo and label. Because of our ability to work with both large and smaller quantities of packaging and to adapt our packaging to fit the persona of different companies, we now have over 40 Private Labels for the retail and design fields, not to mention an impressive list of users in the interior design and entertainment fields.

Yes, TIMOTHY JAY has grown but we stick to my original philosophy and goal:
to produce the finest hand made candle for the discerning candle purchaser and user.

At left: the famous Double Boiler, circa 1997

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