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Jimmy Kimmel   When Only The Best Will Do

For the past nine years we have created candles that reflect the times and the Season.

This year, again, we’re looking to times past, (to reference Proust), to conjure up an elegance and a feeling that reflect a more classic age. We looked back to a time when objects like fragrance candles were made by hand…to a time when thank you notes were written on stationery and mailed…to a time when art was not instantaneous but evolved from tradition and learning. To a time when there was peace not war.

Décembre…just a few minor changes and one accent addition but it projects so much more than the English version! It’s a softer and more romantic interpretation of the month…it makes the month and the Season even more exciting…just like the fragrance. Cypress, Spruce and a floral note all wrapped together like a beautiful gift. Décembre is red, and gold…it’s garlands and Christmas trees and lilies and roses …it reminds you to slow down and enjoy the Season.

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