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Holiday Candle 2012

Holiday Candle 2012

Well, we’re getting through some very tough times but some relief is in sight!

I’m hoping to get out of the doldrums by utilizing my creative spirit…so I’m “jumping the gun” and moving forward… pushing the limits and introducing our fall/winter fragrance candle just a bit early.

Why? I think we need something wonderful, elegant, chic and affordable in our lives…without breaking the banks again.

Paisley is the extravagant fragrance for less than extravagant times!

And, it’s all made right here in West Hollywood CA. Californians create it and pour it and package it from all-American elements. So were doing our part for you and for us in general.

No salt water coating on our products! We’ve taken our favorite fragrances… gardenia, cypress and pine…mix in a touch of citrus and a pinch of our beloved earth to produce a fragrance that’s ready to change your atmosphere and get you ready for fall and the Holidays and for better times.

Paisley…an intricately woven design that blends pattern on pattern to produce a startling effect! The designs are fused…resulting in a curious, flawless symmetry. Our PAISLEY fragrance is the same… many fragrance elements…mixed together to produce a seamless, perfect fragrance!

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