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Timothy Jay Sullivan


Former New York Ad Executive and now Master Candle Maker, Tim has been all things to all people at all times. No wonder. One of New York's notorious Bronx Boys, Tim hit his stride in the early seventies and just kept going.

Given all that, what often strikes clients is how surprisingly down-to-earth, easy to be around, and hard-working he is. "Oh, please," he says, "growing up Bronx Irish, you learn to work for everything. And adapt." Tim credits his Mother for his always evolving sense of elegance and style. "She might worry about cash on hand but she always looked amazing and never forgot to wear her famous white gloves." It was a lesson that stuck. And exactly the kind of white glove treatment you can except when you drop by his studio in West Hollywood. <more>

Private Label

Private Label

The fastest growing segment of Timothy Jay has been in Private Label. We have researched and created just the perfect fragrance for clients and brands as diverse as Saks Fifth Avenue, Hotel Bel Air, Napa Home, Treillage, Dana Buckmann and the Beverly Hills Hotel.

If you'd like to know more about our Private Label candles and how they could benefit your business, please call or email us. We'll he happy to discuss creating a unique and memorable line just for you. <more>

The Perfect Gift

Serenity Cups

A set of five SERENITY CUPS holding five different fragrance candles . It's so chic ... packaged in black on black with white. The only dashes of color come from the candle collection. The fragrances run the gamut from our PERFECT GARDENIA, to green FOLIAGE and the warm sexy HAVANA. And let's not forget our all time favorites BLACK ORCHID, (a black candle in a shiny black cup, wow) and our classic CELADON. You just can't loose with sending this. And, it's only $85.00 plus tax and shipping. Send us an email and we'll have it out in a hurry. And, at the same time why don't you "gift" yourself!
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