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Flowers die in a week, at best…and chocolates sound great, however, they are usually lamented after they’re consumed. But a candle burns and burns and the fragrance will be a reminder of you…for a lot, lot longer.
We are trying to make it easy on you! All you have to do is select the type of candle and the fragrance…we do the rest. Just give us the fragrance and the style that you think would be perfect. We’ll send it and it will arrive on time. But it’s less expensive if we can do it FEDEX Ground Home Delivery.. For the East Coast it’s about five days, Midwest three to four days, Mountain two to three and locally one to two. So there it is! TIMOTHY JAY makes it so easy for you not to forget Valentine’s Day and to help you select a gift that won’t be considered “last minute”, an “after thought” or fattening..
All you have to do is point and click! Just let us know…and if you have a special message…why don’t you email me at and I’ll hand write it.

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